Many artists dream about painting in Italy. Now, as retiring baby-boomers are increasingly taking up “brush and pallet knife,” more than ever, painting in Italy is the “thing.” Every day, a new “Artist’s” tour of Italy crops up in travel sections of the newspaper and on the Internet. But there still remains a majority of artists who prefer to “go it alone.” They are independent in their artistic styles, and prefer to be independent regarding their travels in Italy . This blog intends to target these free spirited artists who still need guidance to the best places to paint, especially those idyllic gems that are little known and less traveled. Certainly, independent travelers who are not artists will also benefit from this blog.

With a few exceptions, this blog is not a guide to restaurants, lodging, rental cars, or shopping, (except for art supplies.)

Sprinkled among the posts are: my paintings, and a few Italian proverbs and poems written by notable Italian authors for whom I work as a translator.

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Monday, March 9, 2009



What do portrait painters and fiction writers have in common? Portrait painters not only have to get the features exact, but the reason some portrait painters excel and others falter is the ability to capture the essence of the subject. It may sound cliché, okay, it does sound cliché, but the eyes speak volumes to an artist with the ability to tune into the spirit behind the visage. A good portrait is not just a canvas and paint substitute for a photograph; it’s a glimpse into inner-self.

In fiction, the reader wants to not only visualize the characters, but also see into the characters. For example, which of these men seems more menacing? "He was a mean man with big teeth." (Yawn, mean man, big teeth, big deal.) Or, "He sneered through a mouth crowded with teeth so large they could devour an entire leg of lamb in a manner of minutes." (Now that’s one angry dude you don’t want to cross on a day he’s skipped lunch.)

My trompe l’oeil painting of Pinocchio is as close as I will ever get to painting a portrait. I’ll leave that to the pros.
Pinocchio is “My Guy.” His devotion to his father and his inquisitive spirit delight me. You can view this painting on my art website at:

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