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Friday, March 27, 2009


Chiaroscuro or Chiaro Scuro is Italian for Light/dark. In art it’s used to apply value to a two dimensional piece of artwork to achieve a heightened illusion of depth. In cinematography it’s applied to indicate distinct areas of light and darkness, especially in black and white film. In writing, chiaroscuro refers to a character or story line that shifts seamlessly between luminous moments and dark moods.
In the poem CHIARO SCURO, from the book L’Alba di Domani, by Luciano Somma, Luciano captures the essence of chiaroscuro to portray a delicate scene.
You can find Luciano Somma at:

Nella Poema, CHIARO SCURO, dal libro L'Alba di Domani, di Luciano Somma, Luciano coglie l’essenza del chiaroscuro a ritrarre una scena delicata.
Si può trovare Luciano Somma a:

Filtrano raggi di sole
tra gli alberi del castagneto
giochi di fate e di gnomi
innocenti di danza
profumano vita
nel divenire di memoria
col chiaro scuro
della mia esistenza.
Luciano Somma

Rays of sun filter
among the chestnut trees
games of fairies and gnomes
innocents of dance
sweeten life
into becoming a memory
I dream
with the chiaro scuro
of my existence.
(Translation) Pamela Allegretto Franz

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