Many artists dream about painting in Italy. Now, as retiring baby-boomers are increasingly taking up “brush and pallet knife,” more than ever, painting in Italy is the “thing.” Every day, a new “Artist’s” tour of Italy crops up in travel sections of the newspaper and on the Internet. But there still remains a majority of artists who prefer to “go it alone.” They are independent in their artistic styles, and prefer to be independent regarding their travels in Italy . This blog intends to target these free spirited artists who still need guidance to the best places to paint, especially those idyllic gems that are little known and less traveled. Certainly, independent travelers who are not artists will also benefit from this blog.

With a few exceptions, this blog is not a guide to restaurants, lodging, rental cars, or shopping, (except for art supplies.)

Sprinkled among the posts are: my paintings, and a few Italian proverbs and poems written by notable Italian authors for whom I work as a translator.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Rent a car if you intend to take full advantage of this color splashed island. The highway system is relatively uncluttered; and the well-maintained, secondary roads are often times traffic free especially from October through March.
Although touristy, one of my favorite sites is Taormina. (Stay as far away as possible during the month of August) Taormina’s mountaintop location is unequaled, its Greek Theater the most dramatically positioned, and its temperate climate ideal for plein air artists. If you go in the springtime it’s nearly impossible to omit the purple explosion of bougainvillea from your canvas.
Goethe said the Greek Theater commanded one of the most spectacular views in the world. I’ve not traveled the entire world, nor do I think Goethe did, but I’d wager his comment is dead on. To the right, citadels precariously perch on cliffs; to the left, the coastline stretches as far as Catania or even Syracuse; below, lies the town of Taormina awash in bougainvillea; directly ahead, the long ridge of Etna, whose mouth spews its fiery admonition. What’s not to love? Set your alarm or request a wakeup call at your hotel so you can get to the Theater at dawn, when the sun rises from the sea to plant a fat pink kiss on Etna’s snowy peak.
Buon Viaggio!

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