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Thursday, June 11, 2009


In May, two of my Italian village paintings were reproduced in the anthology “Ischia, Un’Isola d’Amore.” This compilation of Italian poetry, photographs, and paintings was assembled to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the “Festa del Delfino” on the Island of Ischia. The festival, sponsored by the Delphis Mediterranean Dolphin Conservation Association, also paid tribute to the organization founder and president, Katia Massaro.
One function of the organization is to educate the Ischitani about the presence of sea mammals in the vicinity of the Island of Ischia and to conserve this key area for the Mediterranean dolphins.
The protection of the dolphins’ natural habitat allows the dolphins to swim freely, rather than be rounded up and herded into over-crowded tanks for water park visitors to gawk at. When the dolphins’ natural environment is protected, the money-grabbing water parks can’t use their lame excuse that they have the dolphins’ best interest in mind. I believe the United States can learn a lesson from the Ischitani.
If you find yourself swimming among dolphins, look but don’t touch. Would you like some stranger swimming up and putting his hands all over you?
“Ischia, Un'Isola d'Amore" è un’antologia di autori di poesia, con i loro versi accorati e ricchi di pathos, si alternano a dipinti, fotografie, e disegni.
Il libro è sposorizzata da Katia Massaro, la fondatrice e presidentessa dell’associazione Delphis. (Delphis Mediterranean Dolphin Conservation Association) Tale associazione opera allo scopo di divulgare e proteggere la presenza dei cetacei nelle acque dell’isola ed a sostegno e conservazione di quest’area chiave per i delfini del Mediterraneo.
Vi consiglio, non nuotate con i delfini! Non è gentile cercare di toccarli. Ci piace uno sconosciuto appena arrivato cercasse di allungare le mani sul nostro corpo?
Ischia, Un’Isola d’Amore (con pubblicità Delphis)http://www.lulu.com/commerce/index.php?fBuyContent=666976 9http://www.lulu.com/services/buy_now_buttons/images/blue.gif
Ischia, Un’Isola d’Amore (senza pubblicità) http://www.lulu.com/commerce/index.php?fBuyContent=6722426 http://www.lulu.com/services/buy_now_buttons/images/book_blue.gif

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